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Clean Green Hauling updates our blog about junk removal on a weekly basis. We are always posting Videos, Pictures, Stories, and tips about junk removal and recycling. We want our junk removal blog to give you a better idea of what we can removal

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Here is some info about the average cost of leaf removal in the fall. How Much Does it Cost to Remove Leaves? Remove Leaves Costs Location: California Change Location | National Change View Average reported costs: Most homeowners spent between: National $373 based on 6,146 cost...
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here is a really cool Non-Profit in San Diego that help keep San Diego Clean and Beautiful. http://ilacsd.org/ Here is a list of there up coming events. Countywide Community Cleanups I Love A Clean San Diego is the go-to resource...
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Clean Green Hauling is just as competitive on our pricing and we do all the loading!  get rid of all your stuff in an hour instead of having a dumpster in your driveway for a month!  If you live in...
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Clean Green Hauling will be competing in a Quickbook intuit contest. The winner gets to be featured in a Suoerbowl commercial..  Check us out and share our story. https://www.smallbusinessbiggame.com/CA/Clean-Green-Hauling/387132/...
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One thing that I have noticed since getting into the junk business is how often people illegally dump. This is a huge problem that makes our beautiful city lose part of what we all like about it so much. Annually,...
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Construction Debris Removal Clean Green Hauling specializes in removal of construction and demolition debris. We can handle all types of construction debris such as sheet rock, wood, tile, carpet, concrete, roofing etc. Clean Green Hauling has worked with construction companies...
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Here is a video of a construction debris removal job that we did in South San Diego.  Clean Green Hauling can help if you are in the business of flipping homes, you are doing a home remodel, or you are...
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Here is a recent video of construction debris removal in the Hillcrest San Diego area.  We are help Tom with the removal of debris from a house the being flipped.  Feel free to checkout our other videos while you are...
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Summer is finally here in San Diego! it is time to get out the grills, uncover the patio furniture and prepare to enjoy the outdoors! if you decided to upgrade or clean up your backyard setup, give us a call...
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Clean Green Hauling can remove heavy debris such as concrete and brick. Clean Green Hauling can assist you in difficult jobs requiring labor intensive heavy lifting. Today Clean Green Hauling removed a concrete and cinderblock wall that was approximately 100ft...
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