Christmas season is just around the corner

christmas tree delivery

Christmas tree Delivery service in San Diego by Clean Green Hauling Junk Removal Service.

Christmas season is just around the corner and I know everyone is going to be needing at least one Christmas tree for the Holidays. The question you need to ask yourself is how are we going to get the Christmas Tree home?  That is the easy part.  Clean Green Hauling will be offering Christmas tree delivery over the next month, in select areas of San Diego.  Let us use our trucks to bring home that monster tree.  Don’t be that guy with a tree tied to the top of your Prius.

Christmas tree delivery

Christmas tree delivery by Clean Green Hauling in San Diego.


Our Christmas tree delivery service will help to not make a Griswold out of you.

Call Green Green Hauling Junk Removal Service to schedule a time to deliver your tree.