San Diego, CA

Dirt Removal San Diego

Dirt Removal San Diego

Clean Green Hauling has 3 Options for getting rid of dirt in San Diego!

Option 1 Dirt Removal (Cheapest)

  • Flat Rate Dumpster Drop ($600)
  • You Fill On Your Own
  • Up To 10 Tons
  • Must Be Clean Dirt
  • If Not Clean, RegularDumpster Rental Pricing

Option 2 Dirt Removal (More Expensive)

  • $175 Per Cubic Yard
  • You Gather Into Driveway
  • We Load into Container
  • Cheaper for extra small loads

Option 3 Dirt Removal (Most Expensive)

  • $250 Per Cubic Yard
  • We Wheel Barrow Out Of Back Yard
  • We Can Also Bobcat Out For Big Jobs

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Dirt Removal San Diego